At Amer we have the technical capacity to carry out paving and asphalting works on all types of roads in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. From highways and motorways to private roads, including parking lots, streets, airport runways, etc. Amer e Hijos has its own asphalt manufacturing plant in Mallorca which operates under guaranteed quality levels and which becomes an asset that facilitates the execution of projects both in terms of coordination, which allows us to work within the tightest of deadlines, and budgetary issues.

Paving roads and highways

Our experience in the world of civil works, and specifically in the execution of road infrastructures in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, has resulted in specialised work in the area of road construction. Amer is a leader in the asphalting of streets, roads, rural paths and access to properties in Mallorca. We have the specific machinery to carry out work of the highest demand, both private and public. We have different finishes to suit your budget.

Polished Asphalt

At Amer we have the necessary machinery to produce polished asphalt paving in Mallorca. We are also capable of making coloured asphalt. If we combine both procedures we can obtain spectacular results giving a modern aspect to the new asphalt, polished or embossed.

Concrete Pavements

Concrete floors have many advantages in terms of durability and maintenance, which is why we recommend them. At Amer e Hijos we have a team trained to make all types of concrete pavements, and their possible finishes.

Special pavements

If you need a special type of pavement, at Amer we are able to make any type of pavement. Contact us indicating your needs and we will offer you a personalised estimate.