Funeral home Consell


Developer: Consell town hall

Location: Ma-2022, 07330 Consell, Illes Balears

Built Surface:  462.2 m²


Construction of the Funeral Home of Consell building with a rectangular floor plan, with exterior measurements of 19.5 x 23.7 m. It has a total exterior height of 4.5 m and an interior free height of 3.5 m. It also has an exterior pergola at the public access, and a separate rear access for the service area.

The building has been constructed for a specific program of needs, derived from the current mortuary health regulations, but taking into account the needs of the public, as it has two wake rooms, reception area, chapel and toilets for public use.

In the construction of the Consell Funeral Parlor we have tried to create a building with criteria of economic sustainability and energy efficiency, with special interest in the use of finishes with materials that integrate with the natural environment.

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